Gemma's 1st BirthdayA First Birthday Party at GemmaNew York, New York

I first met Gemma when she was just a newborn, you might remember her baby portraits here. So when her sweet parents asked me to capture her adorable first birthday party at Gemma, I was truly beyond thrilled! She is the sweetest little lady and I love that there is a restaurant that is just perfect for her, Gemma for Gemma. It was the perfect birthday party brunch filled with family and friends who were there to give her lots of hugs and birthday kisses. Who doesn’t love a fun party right! Here are some of my favorites from the beautiful celebration!

Gemma Restaurant Bowery HotelGemma_002-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_003-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_004-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_005-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_006-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_007-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_008-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_009-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_010-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_011-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_012-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_013-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_014-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_015-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_016-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_017-firstbirthdaypartyGemma_018-firstbirthdayparty