Drew and KimManhattan Engagement Session

This post is long overdue but in honor of Drew and Kim’s wedding month, I thought it was perfect timing to post their fun Manhattan Engagement Session. Drew and Kim both grew up in Vero Beach Florida and met during High School. A few years later they both landed jobs in New York City and re-connected as friends. After hanging out a few times and sharing a New Year’s kiss, the two became inseparable and began dating. After 5 years of living in the city the two lovebirds decided to move back to Vero Beach to be closer to family and friends. In 2013 Drew decided to surprise Kim and pop the question in the middle of a parking lot and Kim said “YES”!

I met Kim through a mutual friend just shortly before she moved back to Florida. We connected through Photography because Kim was in the midst of starting her own photography career, she is one talented lady and I am so proud of her. Months later I randomly ran into her shortly after her engagement while I was a crazy woman about to buy Spanx the week before my own wedding at Bloomingdales, ha I know, and I told Kim to email me that I would love to stay in touch even though she moved back home to Florida. Kim did email me and I was so honored when she did, she and Drew were planning a weekend trip to New York and she asked me to capture their engagement session in the city. I was so thrilled to work with these two and I was even more honored when I found out we were going to be working together on their wedding day. Kim and Drew are so adorable together, completely all smiles and honestly made me tear up they are so cute! We met at Spritzers in the Lower East Side since this was a regular place they loved to go to while they lived in the city, next we headed to the Financial District where Drew used to live, and we finished near Battery Park City with the skyline lights beautifully lit for the final photos. I can’t wait to capture their wedding day in two weeks at the Quail Valley River Club. It’s going to be a gorgeous day for such a sweet couple!

ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_001 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_002 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_003 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_004 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_005 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_006 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_007 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_008 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_009 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_010 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_011 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_012 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_013 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_014 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_015 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_016 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_017 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_018 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_019 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_020 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_021 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_022 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_023 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_024 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_025 ManhattanEngagementPhotos-KimDrew_026

Garret and RhianHamptons Family Session

I am so excited for Summer to be here and one of the things I love the most about summer is sessions! Engagement Sessions, Family Sessions, Children Sessions, they are all so fun! Rhian and Garret had a beautiful baby girl Georgina and wanted to do a few family and newborn portraits at their Hamptons retreat. Ainsley, their 2 year old has such an adorable personality and it wasn’t long before he decided it wasn’t portrait time anymore it was swim time. We truly embraced the pool playtime and had such a fun morning! One thing I have learned over the past few years is that kids always have their own agenda and you have to roll with it, that’s what I love about family sessions, you truly never know what is in store for you and it’s always so fun to see what happens. Here are some of my favorites from their morning session in the Hamptons.

HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_001 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_002 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_003 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_004 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_005 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_006 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_007 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_008 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_009 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_010 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_011 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_012 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_013 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_014 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_015 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_016 HamptonsPortraitSession-201408_017

Melissa's Surprise ShowerProject Nursery Baby Shower

Baby Showers are always such a blast to capture, and who doesn’t love a surprise baby shower! Melissa’s team at Project Nursery and co-founder partner Pam got together and decided to throw a fabulous surprise shower for Melissa! With the help of Natasha Lawler from Minted, Ara from Rock Paper Scissors and Christina Lozito’s gorgeous floral designs, the event was absolutely beautiful and perfect for the mom-to-be! Guests enjoyed lots of delicious food and iced tea while over looking Manhattan at the top of the Soho Mondrian! Magnetic boards were passed around for everyone to design a “dream nursery” for Melissa, what a fun shower game! Even Rosie Pope, a friend of Project Nursery and mother herself shared some fabulous motherhood tips, and before each guest left the shower they were given a fabulous diaper bag from Skip Hop filled with goods from Amazon and Minted. Here are some of my favorites from the baby shower, and be sure to check out the feature on Project Nursery
ProjectNursery-babyshower003 ProjectNursery-babyshower004 ProjectNursery-babyshower005 ProjectNursery-babyshower006 ProjectNursery-babyshower007 ProjectNursery-babyshower008 ProjectNursery-babyshower009 ProjectNursery-babyshower010 ProjectNursery-babyshower011 ProjectNursery-babyshower012 ProjectNursery-babyshower013 ProjectNursery-babyshower014 ProjectNursery-babyshower015 ProjectNursery-babyshower016 ProjectNursery-babyshower017 ProjectNursery-babyshower018 ProjectNursery-babyshower019 ProjectNursery-babyshower020 ProjectNursery-babyshower021

Adam and LesleyA Bowery Hotel WeddingNew York, New York

Adam and Lesley have two of the most loving hearts. They are both from the Midwest and luckily they were both volunteering for the same organization they adore in New York City when they met. It wasn’t long after their first initial meeting that they both knew there was something special between them. Whenever their parents would come to visit them in the city, their families would stay at The Bowery Hotel and in fact their parents met for the first time there. So when Adam proposed to Lesley, The Bowery Hotel seemed like the perfect fit their wedding day! Lesley stunned Adam in a gorgeous blush Vera Wang gown, and they did such a fantastic job at merging their classical and modern city styles into one fabulous celebration. You might remember their sweet engagement session, and I love how we went to Billy’s Bakery for their session and again on the wedding day, their favorite dessert place in the city! This might be one of my favorite weddings ever. Be sure to check out the feature on Style Me Pretty as well.

Wedding Planning: Shana Sperling Events | Flowers: Rountree Flowers | Dress: Vera Wang | Bakery: Billy’s Bakery | Stationary: Bella Figura | Church: St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church | Reception Venue: The Bowery Hotel | Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale | Hair and Makeup: Eva Scrivo Salon | Groom’s Attire: Ralph Lauren Black Label | Groom’s Shoes: Brioni | Bridal Accessories: Jenny Packham | Shoes: Valentino | Fur Shawls: Rent the Runway | DJ: Play Something Good | Vintage Car: Film Cars | Second Photographer: Jacob Whyman

BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson001 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson002 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson003 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson004 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson005 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson006 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson007 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson008 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson009 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson010 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson011 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson012 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson013 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson014 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson015 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson016 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson017 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson018 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson019 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson020 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson021 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson022 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson023 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson024 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson025 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson026 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson027 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson028 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson029 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson030 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson031 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson032 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson033 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson034 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson035 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson036 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson037 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson038 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson039 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson040 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson041 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson042 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson043 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson044 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson045 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson046 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson047 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson048 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson049 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson050 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson051 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson052 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson053 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson054 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson055 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson056 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson057 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson058 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson059 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson060 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson061 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson062 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson063 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson064 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson065 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson066 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson067 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson068 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson069 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson070 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson071 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson072 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson073 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson074 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson075 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson076 BoweryHotelWedding-Wilson077

Daniel and ColleenManhattan Newborn Session

There is something so beautiful about watching your friends become parents, it’s such an amazing experience. I have known Daniel since High School and somehow we both ended up in the same city. A few years ago he met his stunning wife Colleen whom I adore and it feels like just yesterday they announced “a baby makes three.” I was so thrilled to hear the news they were expecting and they were going to be parents. Once Charlotte (Charley) arrived they asked me to capture Charley’s first portrait session and I was beyond honored. Seeing these two with their precious little lady was so fun and I loved photographing her first session. Isn’t she precious! I know Daniel and Colleen are such amazing parents and I can’t wait to watch Charley grow up. Here are some of my favorites from their morning session.

manhattannewborn-Charlie22 manhattannewborn-Charlie23 manhattannewborn-Charlie24 manhattannewborn-Charlie25 manhattannewborn-Charlie26 manhattannewborn-Charlie27 manhattannewborn-Charlie28 manhattannewborn-Charlie29 manhattannewborn-Charlie30 manhattannewborn-Charlie31 manhattannewborn-Charlie32 manhattannewborn-Charlie33 manhattannewborn-Charlie34 manhattannewborn-Charlie35 manhattannewborn-Charlie36 manhattannewborn-Charlie37 manhattannewborn-Charlie38 manhattannewborn-Charlie39 manhattannewborn-Charlie40 manhattannewborn-Charlie41 manhattannewborn-Charlie42 manhattannewborn-Charlie43 manhattannewborn-Charlie44

Abe and CarriePowel Crosley Estate WeddingSiesta Key, Florida

I am a little behind on blogging but I truly love this beautiful wedding, it will always be one of my favorites. While the whole entire North East was under feet of snow, Carrie and Abe were having the perfect wedding weekend in Siesta Key Florida! In case you missed it they had a really fun BBQ Pig Roast to kick off the wedding weekend. Who doesn’t love to go to a wedding on the beach, and their wedding venue was to die for. I am truly so happy for these two and I am so honored I was able to capture their wedding weekend.

Venue: Powel Crosley Estate | Caterer: Simply Gourmet | Hair Stylist: Janelle Heureaux | Makeup: Carrie LaMarca Makeup, the bride herself | Bakery: Publix | Music: Clint Wiley and the None Others | Flowers: Elegant Designs | Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller | Transportation: All Aboard Charters