National Stationary ShowMinted Celebration PartyNew York, NY

As the year is winding down I am finally getting a chance to catch up on some beautiful projects I have been meaning to share, including this one. It’s one of my favorite events to photograph and not to mention so much fun! Every year in May Minted hosts a celebratory party to showcase some of their new products and featured artists during the week of the National Stationary Show. This year the Minted party was held at the beautiful Studio 450 in Manhattan. It was the perfect event space to greet Minted artists as they ended touring the National Stationary Show, and everyone was thrilled to receive fun swag bags designed by Alathea & Ruth, Jennifer Wick and Phrosné Ras as they sipped on gorgeous signature cocktails.

If you are not familiar with Minted, they source the best creative content from a global community, and sell it in the form of art, home décor, and stationery.

Flowers: Christina Lozito | Location: Studio 450

MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_01MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_02 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_03 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_04 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_05 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_06 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_07 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_08 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_09 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_10 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_11 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_12 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_13 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_14 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_15 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_16 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_17 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_18 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_19 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_20 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_21 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_22

Charlie Juliet Photography captures Weddings and Events throughout the Tri-State area and world wide. CJ has traveled to Maine, Florida, Tennessee, New Orleans, California, the Dominican Republic, Boston, and many other locations. To inquire about booking CJ for your Wedding or next big event, please contact CJ through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

Katie & ChrisAsbury Farms WeddingKnoxville, TN

This wedding is extra special for me, not only because I personally know Katie and Chris, but because it was also in my hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee. These two were basically destined to be together and couldn’t be a more perfect match. Katie and Chris met at their high school but didn’t begin dating until the summer after graduation. Since they were both headed to the University of Tennessee at the summer’s end, they decided to make their relationship official with the start of their first semester. They’ve been together ever since!

Seven years into their relationship Chris was living in Atlanta for work while Katie stayed back in Tennessee. Their long distance relationship only made Chris’s proposal all the more special when he showed up at Katie’s doorstep on a Wednesday night, flowers at hand, just to pop the big question! The love these two have for each other shine through every photo taken on their big day. Their summer, Asbury Farms wedding (a private residence) couldn’t have been a more gorgeous celebration. With the Band singing “Rocky Top” and the most amazing sunset, Katie and Chris had a picture perfect wedding day. Here are my favorite selects from their wedding day; I was so honored to have been a part of it.

Venue: Asbury Farms | Catering: Calhoun’s | Bakery: Mag Pies | Music: Cutting Edge Dueling Pianos | Flowers: Always In Bloom | Makeup & Hair: Bangs & Blush | Dress: Reem Acra | Alex Widmer Video

Tennessee Farm Wedding, Destination Wedding Photographer TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_002 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_003 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_004 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_005 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_006 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_007 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_008 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_009 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_010 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_011 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_012 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_013 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_014 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_015 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_016 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_017 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_018 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_019 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_020 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_021 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_022 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_023 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_024 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_025 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_026 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_027 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_028 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_029 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_030 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_031 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_032 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_033 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_034 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_035 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_036 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_037 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_038 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_039 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_040 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_041 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_042 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_043 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_044 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_045 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_046 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_047 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_048 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_049 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_050 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_051 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_052 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_053 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_054 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_055 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_056 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_057 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_058 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_059 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_060 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_061 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_062 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_063 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_064 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_065 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_066 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_067 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_068 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_069 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_070 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_071 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_072 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_073 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_074 TennesseeFarmWedding-CharlieJuliet_075

Charlie Juliet Photography captures Weddings and Events throughout the Tri-State area and world wide. CJ has traveled to Maine, Florida, Tennessee, New Orleans, California, the Dominican Republic, and Boston to name a few. To inquire about booking CJ for your Wedding or next big event, please contact CJ through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

Conor and Caitlin Sneak PeekHamilton Farm Golf Club WeddingGladstone, New Jersey

Conor and Caitlin’s Wedding at Hamilton Farm Golf Club was such a stunning day and a perfect wedding to end my 2015 Wedding season with. I couldn’t be happier for these two newlyweds and I am so honored they chose me to photograph their beautiful celebration. My heart is truly full after finishing 18 amazing weddings this year, I am so happy to get to do what I love and capture such cherished moments for so many couples and families every year. It’s a blessing and I am so grateful to witness so much love and laughter in one lifetime. Here is the last wedding photo of 2015 and it’s a fun one! Cheers to Conor and Caitlin, so happy for you two!

new jersey wedding photography, hamilton farm golf club


Rachel & JoeRuss & Daughters EngagementNew York, NY

When Twirl New York asked me to be a part of their team for Joe and Rachel’s engagement session, I couldn’t have been more excited. The shoot took place at both the Russ & Daughters Shop and the Russ & Daughters Cafe, where the couple got engaged. Not only is it the location Joe proposed on a Saturday this past March, but Russ & Daughters is also a very special place for Rachel as it is somewhere she has been going to since childhood. It was really something amazing to hold an engagement session at a location that is so dear and holds so much history for this wonderful couple.

Rachel and Joe’s wedding is set to take place in September 2016 at the Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn. I know the day, and their life together, is going to be just as beautiful and full of love as their engagement photos. Check out the full feature here on Twirl Weddings.


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Charlie Juliet Photography captures Weddings and Events throughout the Tri-State area and world wide. CJ has traveled to Maine, Florida, Tennessee, New Orleans, California, the Dominican Republic, Boston, and many other locations. To inquire about booking CJ for your Wedding or next big event, please contact CJ through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

Camille2nd Birthday PartyUpper East Side, NY

Photographing families and children’s birthday parties are always such a blast, they are always so rewarding and make my heart so full. Julia and John have been asking me to capture their family for the past few years and it has been such pleasure watching their beautiful family grow. Earlier this year they asked me to capture their darling daughter’s 2nd birthday party at their Upper East Side home. It was a small intimate gathering with just a few close friends and family and it was the perfect birthday celebration for an adorable two year old. Jake was just a few weeks old at the time so I photographed a few portraits of him as well, isn’t he so cute! Look at those eyes! Being a New York Family Photographer and capturing all these precious moments, like this 2nd Birthday Party, is so gratifying.  Here are some of my favorites from their fun celebration.

2nd Birthday Party, New York Family Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0003 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0004 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018 UpperEastFamily-20150214_CharlieJulietPhoto_0019

Charlie Juliet Photography captures family, maternity, newborn, and other milestones in the Tri-State area. To inquire about booking your next portrait session, please contact Charlie Juliet through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

Dennis and PatsyLong Beach Engagement Session

Dennis and Patsy are getting married in October at the Bourne Mansion and I truly can’t wait! I am a bit behind on updating the blog, ok way behind, and there is so much goodness to share from this year including this fun Long Beach Summer session. When Dennis and Patsy said they wanted to do a Long Beach Engagement Session I was so thrilled. Dennis has a summer home there and they have spent a lot of time there in the summers during their relationship so it was a perfect setting for these two. And plus who doesn’t love a gorgeous beach afternoon. The light was absolutely incredible and I love that they wanted a few photos with their pup as well. We had such a blast hopping around the beach and whatever I suggested they were totally up for, it made everything so fun and in the end we got some of my favorite engagement photos ever. I am so excited to see these two in a few weeks, but for now here are some of my favorites from their beautiful session.

Long Beach Engagement Session LongBeachEngagement_CJ2 LongBeachEngagement_CJ3 LongBeachEngagement_CJ4 LongBeachEngagement_CJ5 LongBeachEngagement_CJ6 LongBeachEngagement_CJ7 LongBeachEngagement_CJ8 LongBeachEngagement_CJ9 LongBeachEngagement_CJ10 LongBeachEngagement_CJ11 LongBeachEngagement_CJ12 LongBeachEngagement_CJ13 LongBeachEngagement_CJ14 LongBeachEngagement_CJ15 LongBeachEngagement_CJ16 LongBeachEngagement_CJ17 LongBeachEngagement_CJ18 LongBeachEngagement_CJ19 LongBeachEngagement_CJ20 LongBeachEngagement_CJ21 LongBeachEngagement_CJ22 LongBeachEngagement_CJ23 LongBeachEngagement_CJ24 LongBeachEngagement_CJ25 LongBeachEngagement_CJ26 LongBeachEngagement_CJ27

The perfect Land of Nod inspired playroom

Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with Project Nursery to capture Melissa’s adorable playroom, I am so in love with this space. I just want to be a kid again to have a space like this. I will definitely share more images but for now check out the feature here. Don’t you just love the mini chairs and the teeppee, it’s so cute! Check out Land of Nod for more adorable kids furniture and decorative items.

Project Nursery Playroom