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Melisa'sChic Project Nursery OfficeGlitter Guide Feature

Melisa is one of the co-founders of Project Nursery and she is a sweetheart! You might remember when I photographed her adorable surprise baby shower last year! It’s always a blast working with Project Nursery, so when Melisa asked me last summer to come out to her home and capture her playroom and office I was all in! Melisa has three kids so staying organized is key, and her playroom is filled with the cutest Land of Nod furniture and toys, and it’s so beautifully organized. I had such a great time meeting her three kids and capturing them playing with their toys, and then I got to see Melisa’s stunning office! I was incredibly jealous of course, it’s so amazing and everything is completely organized in such a chic way! I’m so thrilled I got the opportunity to capture this fun project, be sure to check out more fun details on Glitter Guide’s feature of Melisa’s office. Here are some of my favorites from my time spent at Melisa’s home with her kids, her playroom, and oh so fun office space.

ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0001 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0003 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0004 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0019 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0020 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0021 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0024 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0028 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0029 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0022 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0023 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0025 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0026 ProjectNurseryOfficeTour-20150713_CharlieJulietPhoto_0027GlitterGuide

National Stationary ShowMinted Celebration PartyNew York, NY

As the year is winding down I am finally getting a chance to catch up on some beautiful projects I have been meaning to share, including this one. It’s one of my favorite events to photograph and not to mention so much fun! Every year in May Minted hosts a celebratory party to showcase some of their new products and featured artists during the week of the National Stationary Show. This year the Minted party was held at the beautiful Studio 450 in Manhattan. It was the perfect event space to greet Minted artists as they ended touring the National Stationary Show, and everyone was thrilled to receive fun swag bags designed by Alathea & Ruth, Jennifer Wick and Phrosné Ras as they sipped on gorgeous signature cocktails.

If you are not familiar with Minted, they source the best creative content from a global community, and sell it in the form of art, home décor, and stationery.

Flowers: Christina Lozito | Location: Studio 450

MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_01MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_02 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_03 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_04 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_05 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_06 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_07 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_08 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_09 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_10 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_11 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_12 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_13 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_14 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_15 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_16 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_17 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_18 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_19 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_20 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_21 MintedNSS15-CharlieJulietPhoto_22

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Jaclyn JordanBridal Accessories

Jaclyn Jordan is not only a super talented lady, but she is a complete sweetheart as well! I feel truly blessed to know her. Having went to SCAD in Georgia, and having lived a few years in the South, we totally hit it off. So when it came time to photograph her latest bridal accessories I wanted to be a part of this shoot instantly. I am still in aww of all the veils, hairpieces and belts! Aren’t they all incredible! Just absolutely stunning! Check out all of my favorites from Jaclyn’s fun look book shoot. Be sure to check out Jaclyn’s amazing creations online as well.

bridalpost-001 bridalpost-002 bridalpost-003 bridalpost-004 bridalpost-005 bridalpost-006 bridalpost-007 bridalpost-008 bridalpost-009 bridalpost-010

New York City Minted BrunchThe Little Owl

This is a little belated but it was such a gorgeous event I had to share! Minted invited me to photograph their Brunch featuring their new products in NYC at The Little Owl, and it was all so beautiful! I was eyeing everything they had saying to myself I could definitely use that for my wedding. Minted just started to bring back Letterpress Invitation Suites, they have paper decor, placecards, photo booth backdrops and more. I had such a fun time photographing all the beautiful details I wanted to share some of my favorites from the event. And check out that beautiful cake from Sugar Flower Cake Shop, Wow!

A huge thanks to all the incredibly talented vendors who made all the stunning details. Inspiration was from Moglea’s Mathiolla Invitation and Party Decor.
Venue: The Little Owl | Paper Mobiles, medallions and fringe letters: Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt | Calligraphy: Barbara Callow | Cake: Sugar Flower Cake Shop | Flowers: Maggie Hollingsworth from The Little Owl | Winning Invitation Design Botanical Blooms: Kristie Kern

You can see all the press features here:
Minted | Brooklyn Bride | The Sweetest Occasion | Oh So Beautiful Paper | Elizabeth Anne Designs

mintedcj-001 mintedcj-002 mintedcj-003 mintedcj-004 mintedcj-005 mintedcj-006 mintedcj-007 mintedcj-008 mintedcj-009 mintedcj-010 mintedcj-011 mintedcj-012 mintedcj-013 mintedcj-014 mintedcj-015 mintedcj-016 mintedcj-017 mintedcj-018 mintedcj-019 mintedcj-020 mintedcj-021 mintedcj-022 mintedcj-023 mintedcj-024 mintedcj-025 mintedcj-026


Green Building Trunk Show

This past week I had the pleasure of joining some amazing NY vendors at the Green Building Trunk Show. It’s a great opportunity for couples and brides to get out for the evening and come see one of kind dresses, veils, jewelry, and much more from local designers. You can also get makeup demos, try out wine and food, and just explore for your future wedding ideas. The Green Building is doing these fun events every Wednesday for the month of February until they have their biggest event Wedding Crashers. I am so glad I got to be a part of this and hang out for the night with some of my industry friends.

Gorgeous furniture rentals from Patina. They have everything you could possibly want for your event and more.

Some lovely flower arrangements for the evening by the super talented Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design.

My table and setup.

The bar setup and wines from The Green Grape

Amazing hair pieces and accessories from Anna Mains Designs. She can make anything you want for your wedding day, and I promise it will be beautiful.

One of a kind stunning jewelry designs from Page Sargisson.

Very Fancy dresses from Fancy Bridal. I just love their name!

Great music by DJ Ryan Rasheed

My very talented friend Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty. And her herbal tea is perfect for any bride who wants to relax. I should order some myself.

Schone Design Bridal Gowns. I couldn’t stop eyeing these dresses.

Some very yummy food and appetizers to try from The Cleaver Co. I wanted to eat everything on that table it was so pretty.

Fantastic makeup demos and great wedding day tips from my very talented friend Anni Bruno at NYC Faces.

More beautiful dresses and accessories from Michelle Bridal

Last but not least, some really fun jewelry designs from Mociun

What a great evening! I am so happy I was able to be a part of such a fun evening with such talented designers. And a huge thank you to the Green Building for hosting the Trunk Show.