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My Favorite Pre-Wedding Beauty Products

It’s here, we are officially 3 weeks away from getting married! Ahhh! Yes, it’s panic mode! Completely panic! I am so excited to get married to Adrien, but let’s face it, the to do list for an upcoming wedding never ends. Every time I scratch off one thing, it seems like 3 more tasks get added. And, let’s be real, what do the guys do anyways right. They help pick out their bowtie and suit, occasionally the music and or food, and that’s really about it. We are doing it all ladies! So between my Spring Wedding Season and the Wedding Planning, I have been trying out some new beauty products over the past year to get ready for the big day! Once thing I love is the BirchBox, it’s amazing! It’s a great way to try out new products without having to buy the entire bottle up front. What if you buy a moisturizer and you hate it, this is the greatest way to get around that. I highly recommend it!

Aside from that, these are my favorite tricks of the trade to help get me looking my best for the upcoming day.

1. Clarins Double Serum, AMAZING! Not to mention, it’s won tons of beauty awards!
2. Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliation Cleanser, it smells yummy too.
3. Golden Glow Booster, who doesn’t want to look a little sunkissed right.
4. Body Lift Cellulite Control, what can I say, I thought I would give it a try ( I dislike bikini season)
5. R.O.C Eye Cream (my dermatologist recommended it)
6. Burts Bees Intense Hydration Mask
7. Korres Lip Butter
8. Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tent (just for fun)

I am not partial to any one brand over the other in beauty products. I am also one of those gals who believes that sometimes the Walgreens brand might work just as good as Dior, but who knows really. I started to pay attention to products when we went to France in December. Everytime I looked around the French women were looking fabulous and had zero wrinkles! I thought to myself, I need to get whatever they use. So I asked all of Adrien’s cousins and they all recommended either Clarins or Nivea. We don’t have too many Nivea products in the U.S. so I thought I would give Clarins a try and they haven’t disappointed me yet.

However, the Eye Cream will always be on my lookout. My dermatologist recommended the Retinal Eye Cream which I really like, but I am really only noticing a difference on one eye, which is never any good. Aside from that, I try and use the Hydration mask a few times a week and the lip butter is great to put on at night before bed.

I really tried to do a lot of research on products and what to do before a big day, and I am trying not to use too many products because I don’t want to overkill my face and have the reverse effect. Wedding planning takes a toll on you, it’s challenging at times and can be exhausting. So at the end of the day I just wanted to primp a little bit more than I usually do and get myself a few extra special products for the wedding. I will have so much more to share once we get through the Wedding, but for now, these are my favorite pre-wedding products.

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

I am getting married!!!! Let the planning begin. Although we aren’t actually having the wedding till 2014, but I have so many ideas I want to try and bring into the wedding. My biggest idea recently was my “Will you be my Bridesmaid” gifts. I have 10 bridesmaids, and I love them dearly with all my heart and can’t imagine walking down the aisle without them. So I wanted to send them a little something special to ask them to be there for me on the big day. These went out right before Christmas, so I sent everyone a “Good as Gold” hand written note, “Good as Gold” Essie nailpolish, and a lovely Gold ornament for their tree. I am obsessed with the color Gold right now, and while I have no idea if it will make into the wedding theme, I thought the Good as Gold theme was perfect for all the ladies. Here is their little goodie box.

It’s going to be truly magical, and I can’t wait to pick out all the colors for the bouquets and dresses.

And, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the Venue we chose, Magnolia Plantation.

Happy 1 Year Adrien…

1 Year ago I was lucky enough to meet the man I always dreamed of marrying, the absolute love of my life. And out of all scenarios, I never in my life imagined meeting him the way I did. It’s truly spectacular and I will always cherish our love story. We have been together exactly one year, well one year ago today was our first date, and now we are engaged to be married! I can’t believe it. They say you will meet someone when you least expect it, and maybe I was always searching too hard, but I really do believe the day you just don’t care anymore, is the day fate walks through the door.

Let me tell you I moved to New York and was convinced I might meet a handsome Northerner. So in my spare time I went on dates from Match, Ok Cupid, Blind Dates, you name it. I met every kind of man there is to meet in New York, and believe me when I say every kind. I have some really awesome stories to tell one day. And I just about really gave up because anyone who has ever watched Sex and The City or dated in this city knows it’s a real road race out there and you will be fed to the sharks at the end of the day. But I kept trekking along.

It was the week of December 5th and I had the worst Migraine ever. I was supposed to go to Baltimore that weekend and visit some friends and I canceled my trip cause I wasn’t feeling great. Adrien moved to the States on Wednesday December 7th, and by Friday December 9th I was migraine free and decided to go out to an art show with my roommate Amelia. In the meantime, my dear friend Leigh Anna was uptown at the bar next to Adrien’s corporate housing photographing an event. Adrien, having just moved here decided he might as well go to the bar and have a few drinks. An hour or two later, Leigh Anna meets Adrien and invites him for Margaritas after she finishes with her event. While I am now at Von on Bleeker St., they all take off to the Mexican Restaurant for Margaritas. A few margaritas later, I get this text from Leigh Anna telling me she has met the cutest Parisian boy and I must meet him. I actually saved all the texts, so here it is:

I somehow convinced her she should come downtown with her girlfriend and Adrien so I can meet him if she really thinks he is so cute. So she does. And this is the night we meet. (so happy she had her camera with her)


All of us at this point have been celebrating for hours, and Adrien has no US number, so he gets my email address. And the next day he emails me and asks me out on our first date. Let me tell you, I was 28 at the time and just found out he was 23 years old, and in my head…I kept thinking this guy has a shelf life for sure, what am I going to do if I fall for this 23 year old. I was actually pretty terrified and didn’t know what to expect, but needless to say, I went into our first date with no expectations and had an absolute blast. 3 days later Adrien asked me to be his girlfriend. 1 month later he told me loved me with all his heart. And 6 months later he took me to go ring shopping. And on October 27th he proposed to me in Philadelphia with the most gorgeous ring and the sweetest proposal ever.

I never thought I would be marrying a guy from France whom I met on his second day in the United States. I really truly owe it all to Leigh Anna Thompson for having a few margaritas with Adrien and realizing I should meet this genuine, beautiful guy, and I will be forever grateful she took that cab down to Von to bring me the cute Parisian boy. And I will always laugh at the fact that she originally lied to me about his age cause she knew me too well, and knew deep down I would never go for it if I knew his real age. I guess you could say I definitely had my share of kissing some frogs along the way, but it was truly worth the wait. Adrien is funny, genuine, compassionate, he has the biggest heart of gold, he is brilliant, carefree, so so patient, an inventor of all things in the kitchen, a true fan of maple syrup, the biggest smile of my day, and my one true love. I can’t imagine this life without him, and I can’t wait till May 17th 2014 where I get to walk down the aisle and marry this amazing man. I feel so blessed to have met him, and I am so happy I had the attitude to never say no and just try something out. Cause if I hadn’t gone on that date, I would have never been given this wonderful opportunity to get to know Adrien. He is definitely my knight and shining armor.

These were in our first few months of dating.

And of course I always make him sneak into Photo Booths.

Hanging out at Rivington St.

Adrien being the cutest assistant.

The day we got engaged!

The Ring!

Happy 1 Year Adrien! I love you to the moon and back!