ClioNew York Baby PortraitsNew York, New York

Baby Portraits always steal my heart, always! It’s not every day that I get to capture a mother and her baby, so when InSung asked me to photograph Clio’s 6 month baby portraits, I was beyond thrilled. A crochet baby romper, tiny toes, adorable smiles, and sweet little dresses totally make my heart so happy. I had an absolute blast photographing Clio in her sweet little outfits with her mom. It was the perfect afternoon for a Motherhood portrait session and I am so honored I could be a part of it. Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful session.
Pink Romper: Stella McCartney  |  Mother’s Dress: Hatch Collection


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Blossoms…New York, New York

It’s been a busy few weeks and Wedding Season is officially starting next weekend, woohoo! I have had the pleasure of photographing so many adorable sessions the last month and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Spring arrived and while the Cherry Blossoms were short lived, I was able to capture three sessions before the rain swept them all away, they were definitely magical while they lasted. Sigh. However, here is a sneak peek from Andrew and Jessa’s sweet engagement session. It was so cold the day of their session and this was the only tree actually in bloom at the time but you would never know it. The pros of doing your session earlier in the year before all the blossoms peak is that there is usually not a soul in the park. I couldn’t believe it, all of my favorite spots in the park were so quite and peaceful, it was amazing.

I am off tomorrow to Charleston to celebrate a wonderful Anniversary weekend with the hubby and I am so excited. And then in less than two weeks I am off to Serenbe for the Fount Workshop and don’t think I have ever been so excited for a workshop before! I’m really looking forward to connecting with so many other talented motherhood photographers. Lot’s of exciting projects this year. For now and until I get the chance to blog this beautiful session, here is a little Spring inspiration for you. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy May!

Central Park Engagement, Charlie Juliet Photography

The meaning behind Charlie Juliet

When it comes time to actually choose a business name it’s extremely difficult and can often be tricky. I asked myself so many times if I should use my real name, or come up with another name, but the answer was always stuck in my head and luckily for me I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my business name to be.

When my parents found out they were expecting they decided to keep it a surprise and not find out whether I would be a boy or a girl. So many names were tossed around but they were 100% certain boy or girl I would be called “CJ” no matter what. Since they couldn’t choose a name right then and there, my dad started to call me “Charlie Juliet” from the phonetic alphabet. Charlie Juliet became my nickname before I was even born and it seemed to stick around. On May 31st I was born and to their surprise I was a girl! They decided to name me Catherine Julia after my two grandmothers but I would be called CJ. Well CJ turned into so many nicknames over the years, Ceejer, Ceejes, Ceej, Ceejington of Kensington (my old neighborhood was Kensington) but at the end of the day there was always one favorite for me and to this day my dad still calls me Charlie Juliet jokingly.

When I decided to pursue photography and launch a company I knew in my heart I wanted to use my nickname Charlie Juliet. The name always had a special place in my heart and to be honest I liked the way it sounded over CJ Isaac for a business name, sounds better right! People often ask me “is your name Charlie” and “where did your name come from?” My name is not Charlie and even though I have a history of nicknames, my real name is Catherine but to be safe, just call me CJ.

Charlie Juliet Photography

Visiting CharlestonCharleston, South Carolina

Photographing Charleston is a photographer’s dream, it’s truly magic. Recently I went to Charleston with a friend of mine and I was so excited because Charleston is truly one of my favorite cities! My husband and I got married there almost two years ago and I would do it all over again if I could! You honestly can’t beat the charming architecture, the delicious Southern food, the adorable houses with colorful front doors and dreamy side porches, and every single street is so photogenic you want to stay in that moment for days. Sounds amazing right! Well, unfortunately it rained and rained and rained the entire weekend! I know, it was a huge disappointment and not just rain, it literally monsooned! Since the weather wasn’t ideal for picture taking of any kind, I found some of my favorite images from two past trips to Charleston and I am hoping I will be able to take more when my husband and I go down there in May to celebrate our two year anniversary. We are so excited to re-visit the charming city that stole our hearts and will forever remain one of the best weeks of our lives. For now, here are some of my favorite Charleston images from the archives. I’ll never stop loving this pink building, it’s so pretty!

Charleston Lifestyle Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography Charleston Lifestyle Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography Charleston Lifestyle Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography Charleston Lifestyle Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography Charleston Lifestyle Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography Charleston Lifestyle Photographer, Charlie Juliet Photography Charleston South Carolina Charleston_SouthCarolina_008 Charleston_SouthCarolina_009 Charleston_SouthCarolina_010 Charleston_SouthCarolina_011 Charleston_SouthCarolina_012

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Drew and KimQuail Valley River Club WeddingVero Beach, Florida

Florida Weddings are always so gorgeous to photograph and this one in particular stole a piece of my heart! Drew and Kim knew one another from Vero Beach and had mutual friends but did not begin hanging out until they were both in New York…a friendship grew into something more and the rest is history! When Drew popped the question and they started to plan their big day, it seemed like the perfect fit to get married at the Quail Valley River Club right in Vero Beach. The venue sits on the Indian River and has such a breathtaking view for a outdoor ceremony, something Kim knew she wanted immediately for their wedding day. The Groom’s mom is a local artist in the area and created a custom watercolor emblem of a laurel surrounded by a “K+D” which they used through out their decor and stationary suite. Kim and Drew wanted their intimate Florida wedding to have a English-Garden feel, filled with peonies, ranunculus, garden roses and wispy greenery, and let me tell you the entire day was truly stunning.

Kim wore a beautiful dress by Karen Willis Holmes and carried a vintage clutch from her aunt, while her sweet bridal party stood by her side in a variety of Champagne dresses. The whole day was so much fun capturing these two and all their friends and family, and it wouldn’t have been a celebration without a epic dance party and a sparkler getaway to finish off the wedding day. These two were so incredible to work with, and I am still in aww of what a stunning bride Kim was! She was so beautiful I needed tissues to get through the day. It was so hard to choose favorites, but here are some of my top selects from their big day.

Venue: Quail Valley River Club  |  Makeup: Maria Sommers  |  Catering: Quail Valley River Club  |  Bakery: Publix and Classy Cupcakes  |  Music: Traxx Entertainment  |  Florist: Lara’s Theme |  Dress: Karen Willis Holmes  |  Shoes: Stuart Weitzman  |  Earrings: Alexis Bittar  |  Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale and J Crew

QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_001 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_002 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_003 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_004 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_005 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_006 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_007 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_008 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_009 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_010 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_011 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_012 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_013 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_014 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_015 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_016 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_017 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_018 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_019 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_020 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_021 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_022 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_023 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_024 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_025 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_026 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_027 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_028 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_029 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_030 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_031 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_032 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_033 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_034 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_035 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_036 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_037 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_038 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_039 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_040 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_041 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_042 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_043 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_044 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_045 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_046 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_047 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_048 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_049 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_050 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_051 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_052 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_053 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_054 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_055 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_056 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_057 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_058 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_059 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_060 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_061 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_062 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_063 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_064 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_065 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_066 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_067 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_068 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_069 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_070 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_071 QuailValleyRiverClubWedding_072

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Ron and ElizabethWest Village Engagement SessionWest Village, New York

West Village Engagement Portraits are so much fun! It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in the City, so when Elizabeth and Ron mentioned they wanted to do their portraits near their home in the Village I was all in! Sometimes I don’t get the chance to meet couples until the engagement session and sometimes not even until the wedding day, so needless to say I was so excited to meet this adorable pair and see their unbelievably stunning outfit choices! It was truly such a treat working with Elizabeth and Ron and roaming around their neighborhood! Even though Spring hadn’t arrived quite yet, it thankfully wasn’t freezing and these two dressed perfectly for the occasion! I am so thrilled to be capturing their beautiful wedding at Tappan Hill Mansion this Fall alongside Viva Max Weddings. It was so hard to choose favorites from this session but I sure did try, here are some of my top selects from my afternoon with Elizabeth and Ron!

West Village Engagement Portraits, Charlie Juliet Photography West Village Engagement Portraits, Charlie Juliet Photography West Village Engagement Portraits, Charlie Juliet Photography New York City Engagement Portraits, Charlie Juliet Photography WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_005 New York City Engagement Portraits, Charlie Juliet Photography Stylish New York Engagement Portraits, Charlie Juliet Photography WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_008 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_009 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_010 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_011 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_012 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_013 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_014 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_015 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_016 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_017 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_018 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_019 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_020 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_021 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_022 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_023 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_024 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_025 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_026 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_027 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_028 WestVillageEngagementSession-CharlieJuliet_029

Charlie Juliet Photography captures Weddings and Events throughout the Tri-State area and world wide. CJ has traveled to Maine, Florida, Tennessee, New Orleans, California, the Dominican Republic, Boston, and many other locations. To inquire about booking CJ for your Wedding or next big event, please contact CJ through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

Collin and SaraFeatured on BridesAlder Manor, New York

I have been so excited to share this wedding and I am so thrilled to see it live on Brides! YAY! This is one of my favorite Fall Weddings and Collin and Sara were such sweethearts to work with! It was truly a stunning wedding and such a perfect location for all their family and friends! Stay tuned for more images from this lovely day, but for now check out the Brides Feature, I am still pinching myself. Thank you again Brides for the beautiful feature!
Venue: Alder Manor  |  Planning: Dulce Dream Events  |  Florals: Violet and Verde

Alder Manor Wedding