Daly's Baby SessionNew York Family PortraitsNew York, New York

One of my former brides, Michelle, was sweet enough to buy her sister the best baby gift; a gift certificate for family portraits. What a thoughtful gesture! When I captured Michelle’s wedding, Daly was literally 3 days old. He was born just in time to make it to the wedding, and let his mom be there as well. When I found out I was going to get a chance to photograph Daly a few months later for his baby portraits, I was so thrilled. He is so adorable and has the sweetest smile! We decided to do a few portraits in their home and then head to Central Park for some fun Fall foliage portraits. I am so happy I got the opportunity to work with this family and capture their cute son at such a special age. Here are some of my favorites from their afternoon New York family portraits session.

NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0001 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0004 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018 NewYorkFamilyPortraits-20141026_CharlieJulietPhoto_0019

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