• Angie

  • CJ! I am all smiles looking at these photos!!! I can't believe you captured all these happy moments - no one would ever know that Jaba was not on his best behavior that day! You are absolutely amazing and clearly have a gift with families and children.
  • Christina

  • OMG CJ - these are so incredibly amazing - we can't thank you enough. You are so talented and I would not have wanted anyone else to shoot this special time. Somehow you made me look and feel beautiful in every shot - even with lounge pants and all! Can't wait to go through and pic our favs for the prints - it will NOT be easy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Bari

  • We both just took a little break at our respective desks, and looked at every photo multiple times over. To say we are in awe of you and your photography and in love with these photos is a total understatement. This completely exceeded our expectations and they came out better than we could have imagined. You captured the most beautiful moments and we are so grateful. Matt keeps saying how happy this made him and it's really such a gift to all of us to have these family photos. We're verklempt! THANK YOU CJ!!!! Hope we don't break your site logging in a thousand more times tonight.
  • Colleen

  • Hi CJ! I have been meaning to write since we got the photos and time has gotten away from me as I know you understand! So, thank you so much for the pictures - they are beautiful!! We love them SO much!!! And thank you so much for being so wonderful and patient on the day of the photoshoot, you made everything so relaxed and enjoyable. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends with new families.
  • Courtney

  • Oh my goodness!!! How in the world do we choose 6 favorites from these phenomenal, beautiful, timeless and exquisite photos?! CJ, we are all sitting around looking at these now (my mom is here!) and we are fainting at each and every one of them! We are so appreciative to you for coming in and making us all feel so happy and calm for these photos. We are just so in love with the results and it's a testament to how talented you are!
  • Lucie

  • The photos are amazing!!! We can't stop looking at them, you are a true artist - I don't know how you made them so beautiful. thank you, thank you!
  • Margaret

  • Hi CJ, I truly can not thank you enough! The photos are beautiful and you captured us all in such a natural way. You even captured looks that Daly and Evelyn make that I love. These pictures are ones that I'm going to treasure forever. You really are so talented!! I also want to thank you again for the extra time you spent with us and for coming to our home. Now looking at them, having our first family pictures with Evelyn be at home makes it extra special. You are such a pleasure to work with and make us all, even the kids, feel so comfortable. I feel so fortunate you were available to take these pictures.
  • Katie

  • CJ! I just realized I never responded to this. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! You worked your magic again and we are so delighted with the results. You are the absolute best! We will cherish them forever.
  • Kristen

  • CJ - omg! These are everything! I'm so beyond happy we were able to capture this time in our lives - and we were even all looking at the camera in lots of them! Lol. I don't know how you managed that, but I'm seriously loving each and every one of them. Thank you sooo much. They'll be hanging in our house forever!
  • Danielle

  • WOW... these are incredible... so many good ones and we are cracking up over Milo. Love love love these - they are so beautiful! Thank you so much for capturing, we had so much fun. It will definitely take us some time to choose our favorites. Will be sure to tell all of our friends about you... thank you again and hope to see you again soon!
  • Harper

  • Omg, CJ, these are amazing!! I love them! I think I favorited half of these pictures. Thanks again! You are awesome, I couldn't be happier with the way these came out.
  • Megan

  • CJ, the photos are ahhhhhhh-mazing! Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful images of us! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.