The Roberts FamilySpring Lake New Jersey Family Session

What’s not to love about summertime family portraits, and especially at the beach! Ahh, I just love the Spring Lake area, it’s truly beautiful and just so charming! When I got the opportunity to capture the Robert’s family vacation in the area, I was so thrilled. It really doesn’t get more fun than capturing cute kiddos digging in the sand and running in the water. Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon session!

SpringLakeNJ-roberts_001 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_002 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_003 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_004 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_005 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_006 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_007 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_008 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_009 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_010 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_011 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_012 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_013 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_014 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_015 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_016 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_017 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_018 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_019 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_020 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_021 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_022 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_023 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_024 SpringLakeNJ-roberts_025