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The way I see it

Illuminating the moments you adore

Life isn’t always picture-perfect (hello, toddler meltdowns)—but it is full of beauty worth documenting.

A Warm Welcome

I’m CJ

Bring on the baby curls, soft cuddles, quiet corners of the City, and compelling morning lighting.

As someone who waited a long time to grow my family, I have a keen awareness of just how precious little ones are—and just how fast life’s milestones fly by. With over a decade of experience as a New York City family photographer—and a deeply discerning eye behind the lens (I’ll admit: I’m a total perfectionist)—I pay close attention to everything from the way your clothing is falling to the lighting you’re bathed in.

My career originally began with shooting love stories all over the world. I soon became the go-to photographer for those couples when they decided to have little ones—and it didn’t take long to realize family photography was my true calling. I found it to be an incredibly soothing and rewarding artform (there is nothing quite like managing to make magic happen for a mom among all of the wiggles and whines).

Today, there’s nothing I love more than using film photography as a method of suspending and slowing time for precious families like yours. I draw on my innate patience, warmth with little ones, and eleven years of experience to ensure you feel seen and special in front of my lens. At the end of the day, I work to deliver an heirloom-quality gallery your family will treasure for all of time.

My Heart & Soul

Early bird gets the best lighting

I live for that rare brand of magic you’ll find in any Manhattan neighborhood at sunrise.

Not too proud to bribe

A pocket full of gummy bears keeps your little ones engaged during our shoot. A toddler once called me the “paparazzi lady with gummy bears”.

Mon amour

My husband is from Lyon, France—and my collection of French antiques expands every year with our annual trip abroad. Let’s photograph your family in Paris!

Southern roots

A trip back home to Knoxville, Tennessee fills my heart with joy—and my plate with good barbecue, banana pudding, and Grandma’s pecan pie.

The arts

Give me an antique store or an afternoon spent browsing fashion and art books at the Strand Bookstore, and I may never emerge.

about you

Your brand of fulfillment? It’s familial.

Regardless of how many directions you’re pulled in—there’s one place you always want to be above all: in your beautiful home with your beautiful family. You love the finer things in life, sure—but you live for the moments money can’t buy. Your greatest fear is neglecting to slow down and savor this one wild, wonderful life.

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