• Customization

  • CJ customizes every family portrait session and creates a comfortable environment so everyone can just be themselves. The location for your session is one of the most important aspects and CJ has scouted the City and Brooklyn for years to find the most beautiful light filled (and least crowded) spots to capture your family in. Prior to your session CJ will send you a tip sheet to help you prepare you and your little ones for their upcoming session, what to pack, what to have available, and how to be as ready for the camera as you can be.
What to Expect
  • What to Expect

  • As a mom herself CJ knows how stressful it can be trying to get everyone ready for the session plus trying to get yourself camera ready as well. She wants to help you prepare for your session with ease and help answer any questions or concerns at any given time prior to your session so you feel just as excited for the session as she does. CJ works on location using natural light only and because she uses Film (yes a film camera), the location and time are two of the most important aspects of your session. If you choose to have your session outside, all outdoor sessions are done approximately 2.5 hours before Sunset or right after Sunrise to achieve the most beautiful lighting during that magical golden hour. The time frame will vary depending on the Season and time of year as well as the location you have chosen, but CJ will send you all kinds of tips to help guide your little ones throughout the session. Newborn Sessions, are captured during the morning hours to achieve that soft dreamy morning light in your home. The best time to capture Newborns is within the first 15 days of his/her birth and sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on how many feeding breaks or diaper changes we need.
  • Props

  • Newborn Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home using natural light and your available clothing and swaddle choices. While CJ does like to keep things natural and simple, she does bring a bag full of neutral swaddles just in case and she has a collection of beautiful dresses that mommas are welcome to borrow for their newborn or maternity sessions. Not sure what to put your little one in, just have him/her in a diaper or swaddle when she arrives and don’t worry, CJ is happy to help finalize wardrobe options for your baby and family once she arrives.