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MilesNew York Newborn PortraitsNew York, New York

Photographing babies is always such a sweet part of my job. This session has to be one of my favorite family portrait sessions ever! You might remember Alexandra’s beautiful Central Park Maternity Session, it was so much fun and Hudson is just adorable! When Alexandra asked me to capture Miles once he had made his debut into the world, I was so honored and I was so excited to capture their new family of four. I like to think of this session as truly magical, some of my favorite portraits ever are from this session. It’s really honestly so rare you have a cooperative toddler along with a precious sleeping baby and capturing these moments truly touched my heart. I am beyond thrilled I got to work with this family again. It was so hard to choose favorites but I am excited to share a few from their New York newborn portraits and family session.

NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0001 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0003 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0004 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0019 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0020 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0021 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0022 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0023 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0024 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0025 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0026 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0027 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0028 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0029 NewYorkNewbornSession-20151206_CharlieJulietPhoto_0030 New York Newborn Session

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EmiliaBrooklyn Newborn PortraitsBrooklyn, New York

Photographing babies is always such a joy and I love meeting new parents who are completely over the moon with their bundle of joy, it’s such a happy time and I am so grateful I get a chance to capture these moments for families. When Emilia’s asked me to photograph Emilia once she arrived I was so honored and thrilled to work with this new family. We waited patiently for her arrival and it was well worth the wait, she is precious! Emilia was just about 8 days old when I photographed her and she is such a beautiful baby. It was truly a blast capturing her newborn portraits, here are my favorites from their Brooklyn newborn portraits & family session.

BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0001 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0003 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 BrooklynNewbornSession-20151027_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018

Charlie Juliet Photography captures family, maternity, newborn, and other milestones in the Tri-State area. To inquire about booking your next portrait session, please contact Charlie Juliet through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

LibbyNew York Newborn PortraitsNew York, New York

Photographing newborns always makes me smile, and it’s such a treat to get so many smiles in return. When Laura called me and asked me to capture her beautiful baby girl I was so thrilled to work with their family and capture their first family portrait together. When I arrived, Libby was just as perfect as could be and totally camera ready. The entire session I never heard a peep from Libby and just received one smile after another, it was so precious and melted my heart. This session is one of my favorites from 2015 and I am so happy I got a chance to work with this sweet family to capture such a special time in their lives. Here are my favorites from their New York newborn portraits.

NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0001 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0003 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0004 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0019 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0020 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0021 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0022 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0023 NewYorkCityNewbornSession-20151016_CharlieJulietPhoto_0024

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Courtney & JustinBrooks’ Newborn SessionNew York, New York

When Courtney and Justin called me and asked me to photograph Brook’s newborn portraits, I was so excited to work with them and meet baby Brooks. While Justin is from New York, Courtney is a true southern gal from Texas and well you know, me being from Tennessee I love meeting other Southerners. Brooks is not only the first baby in her family to be born outside of Texas, but he is just the sweetest and such a precious little guy. He totally melted my heart and when Mills, their puppy, decided to jump on the bed and hang out with Brooks, let’s just say I could’ve turned into a puddle right there. This new family of four (Mills included!) is one of the most adorable I have had the pleasure of working with! Here are some of my favorite selects from Brooks’ newborn session.

NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-001 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-002 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-003 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-004 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-005 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-006 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-007 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-008 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-009 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-010 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-011 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-012 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-013 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-014 NYCNewbornPortraits-20150710-015

Charlie Juliet Photography captures family, maternity, newborn, and other milestones in the Tri-State area. To inquire about booking your next portrait session, please contact Charlie Juliet through the Contact page or you can email her directly at

Daniel and ColleenManhattan Newborn Session

There is something so beautiful about watching your friends become parents, it’s such an amazing experience. I have known Daniel since High School and somehow we both ended up in the same city. A few years ago he met his stunning wife Colleen whom I adore and it feels like just yesterday they announced “a baby makes three.” I was so thrilled to hear the news they were expecting and they were going to be parents. Once Charlotte (Charley) arrived they asked me to capture Charley’s first portrait session and I was beyond honored. Seeing these two with their precious little lady was so fun and I loved photographing her first session. Isn’t she precious! I know Daniel and Colleen are such amazing parents and I can’t wait to watch Charley grow up. Here are some of my favorites from their morning session.

manhattannewborn-Charlie22 manhattannewborn-Charlie23 manhattannewborn-Charlie24 manhattannewborn-Charlie25 manhattannewborn-Charlie26 manhattannewborn-Charlie27 manhattannewborn-Charlie28 manhattannewborn-Charlie29 manhattannewborn-Charlie30 manhattannewborn-Charlie31 manhattannewborn-Charlie32 manhattannewborn-Charlie33 manhattannewborn-Charlie34 manhattannewborn-Charlie35 manhattannewborn-Charlie36 manhattannewborn-Charlie37 manhattannewborn-Charlie38 manhattannewborn-Charlie39 manhattannewborn-Charlie40 manhattannewborn-Charlie41 manhattannewborn-Charlie42 manhattannewborn-Charlie43 manhattannewborn-Charlie44

GemmaNew York Newborn Session

One thing I have always enjoyed is babies, they are just absolutely precious! It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face to see new proud parents and tiny little toes and hands. How sweet is this little gal, baby Gemma! And don’t you just love her name! Gemma is one lucky little lady, and her mom did an amazing job decorating her nursery! Who doesn’t want wallpaper like that? I had so much fun capturing Gemma just a few weeks old, I had to share this adorable sweet family and her beautiful nursery decor. Here are some of my favorite selects.

newyorkfamilyphotographer-001 newyorkfamilyphotographer-002 newyorkfamilyphotographer-003 newyorkfamilyphotographer-004 newyorkfamilyphotographer-005 newyorkfamilyphotographer-006 newyorkfamilyphotographer-007 newyorkfamilyphotographer-008 newyorkfamilyphotographer-009 newyorkfamilyphotographer-010 newyorkfamilyphotographer-011 newyorkfamilyphotographer-012 newyorkfamilyphotographer-013 newyorkfamilyphotographer-014 newyorkfamilyphotographer-015 newyorkfamilyphotographer-016 newyorkfamilyphotographer-017 newyorkfamilyphotographer-018

MilesNew York Newborn Session

One of the greatest joys of my life is getting the opportunity to photograph new parents and sweet little newborns. You can just see the love and pure bliss in their eyes having this new addition in their life. I just adore newborn sessions and getting to document those first few weeks of a babies life. Sweet baby Miles was born in January and I got the chance to capture him at 2 weeks old. I can’t believe it! Talk about precious and just a beautiful baby all around! Here are some of my favorites from the afternoon with Miles, Julie and Kelvin.