I am so thrilled to share this exciting news! I have always been one of those photographers who loved to photograph everything. Give me a plate of food, let me photograph an adorable baby, a birthday party, an engagement session, weddings, portraits, I really enjoy it all. I have never limited myself to just one area cause I have always felt I had a few different aspects of photography I was always interested in. And to be honest, I went to a commercial photography school so I was trained to go after the commercial work. It just so happens when I was in school I wanted to assist for a wedding photographer so I could learn more lighting techniques and how to think fast under pressure, and I ended up falling in love with the wedding world. And here I am!

Almost two years ago I was chosen to photograph a campaign for Always through my commercial website and work. It’s been a long time waiting to see when the website and images would go live, and that day has arrived. Here it is, my photograph on the home page of Always. So excited to see this live!