Paris Family PortraitsParis, France

I love photographing families and kids and this past year I was fortunate enough to work with some fabulous French families while I was abroad. This is long overdue considering I went to France in April, but I love these all too much to not share. Adrien my husband is French so every year we go to France to visit his family and friends and it’s always such a fun week but it goes by too fast. Over the last two trips I have realized there is just too much I want to photograph and never enough time, France is far to beautiful to try and capture in one week. So this past year I was so fortunate in a lot of ways to pre-plan a fabulous trip ahead of Adrien and tour parts of France with either his family and or solo and it was one of the best trips of my life. I set up Opera Tours by myself, bakery tours, I spent quality time with his grandmother, I navigated the subway by myself, tackled French Flea Markets, you name it I tried it. It was challenging, invigorating, soul searching, and a beautiful way to explore France. While I was in Paris for 8 days I had the pleasure of working with some amazing families and capturing their fun Parisian family portraits, I was in heaven. I truly adore kids and babies and then to be in France on top of that was just icing on the cake. I had the best time and loved getting to meet so many new families. It was really hard to choose favorites, but here are some of my personal top favorites from the different sessions throughout the week.

ParisFamilyPortraits-20150405_CharlieJulietPhoto_0001 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150405_CharlieJulietPhoto_0002 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150405_CharlieJulietPhoto_0003 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150405_CharlieJulietPhoto_0004 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150405_CharlieJulietPhoto_0005 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0006 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0007 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0008 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0009 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0010 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0011 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0012 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0013 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0014 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0015 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0016 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0017 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0018 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0019 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0020 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0021 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0022 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150406_CharlieJulietPhoto_0023 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150409_CharlieJulietPhoto_0024 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150409_CharlieJulietPhoto_0025 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150409_CharlieJulietPhoto_0026 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150409_CharlieJulietPhoto_0027 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150409_CharlieJulietPhoto_0028 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150409_CharlieJulietPhoto_0029 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150410_CharlieJulietPhoto_0030 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150410_CharlieJulietPhoto_0031 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150410_CharlieJulietPhoto_0032 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150410_CharlieJulietPhoto_0033 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150410_CharlieJulietPhoto_0034 ParisFamilyPortraits-20150410_CharlieJulietPhoto_0035